The Ephraim Moravian Cemetery Experience, “Dearly Departed,”

A Living History of our Loved Ones in the Ephraim Moravian Cemetery

August 26, 2013 marked the day for the third installment of the Ephraim Moravian Cemetery walk.  Thanks to an enthusiastic committee,  talented portrayers, and a receptive audience, the 2013 edition of “Dearly Departed” was a big hit!  Over 150 onlookers braved the sunny and hot conditions to witness the living history of Jacob Smith (portrayed by Dave Olson), Hedvig Goodlett (portrayed by Marilyn Cushing), Lizzie Anderson (portrayed by Norma Hager), and Laurel and Floyd Knudson (played by Shelly and John Cox).  The images above are from this year’s portrayal.  Look for our video of the event in early October.

Plans are already in the works for “Dearly Departed IV.”  Next year’s presentation will take place on September 8th.  What will be in store for 2014?  There might be some very interesting twists!  Wait and see!

Ephraim Moravian Cemetery Walk