Ephraim Moravian Cemetery Walk: “Dearly Departed”

Join us on Monday, September 14, from 1:30 – 3:30 pm for the 5th annual Cemetery Walk. See figures from Ephraim’s past: Matilda Valentine Anderson (Angela Sherman), Inger Kundson (Linda Carey), Edgar Goodlett (Leif Erickson), Anna Valentine (Ellie McCullin), Anders Petterson (Walt Fischer), and Fordel Hogenson (Paul Flottmann). The walk begins at the Ephraim Moravian Cemetery and includes the Historic Iverson House. Thanks to the Cemetery Walk Committee (Linda Carey, Ellie McCullin, Sherry and Rob Moore, Lonnie Vitse, and Alicia Wilson) for their hard work.  Please join us for a marvelous journey back into Ephraim’s history!

This event is free of charge, but donations are greatly appreciated!  This is a collaborative program between the Ephraim Historical Foundation and the Ephraim Moravian Church.